Monday, July 16, 2007

A (small) rant, just for you Monday.

1. If you give one of my projects to someone else, no, I will not continue to do it.

2. No. If I CUT IT OUT WITH SCISSORS and TAPE IT TOGETHER, it will not look good enough for the presentation. Spend the £5 at Kinko's.

3. It does not matter what I press, I cannot print from inside that application. No. Turning it off then on again does not help. This has been happening for 3 months. No, the last twenty-seven billion times I turned it off, then on again haven't helped either.

Somedays I just want to stab something in the eye. With a pencil. With hearts on.



Blogger Tsch said...

Have you tried unplugging it, blowing in inside the printer and the plug socket, waiting sixty seconds then plugging it back in?

Just joking, you can put the knife down!

Brooke, put the knife down!!


10:06 PM  

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