Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How to have a great weekend

Me: "So, (sneeze) then we went (sneeze) down to the (sneeze) basement (sneeze) and there was (sneeze) this fantastic (sneeze) basement (sneeze) bar (sneeze) and they (sneeze) serve (sneeze) the best (sneeze) cocktails. (sneeze) Seriously, (sneeze) we should (sneeze) go there (sneeze) sometime. (sneeze)"

A: "Um...are you okay? Because I'm scared you're going to fall over soon."

Me: "(sneeze) Kind of. (sneeze) The pollen (sneeze) has been (sneeze) laying siege (sneeze) for several days (sneeze) now, (sneeze) and I think the walls (sneeze) have finally been (sneeze) breached. (sneeze)"


Blogger Tsch said...

Finally something the straight-edge can snort.

7:26 PM  

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