Friday, June 29, 2007

You can never have too much

The sale at Liberty started yesterday, and the reason that this is so exciting is that they're a huge stockist of Rowan Yarn. I'd been into the store on Monday as a birthday present to myself (which are usually the best kind) and had been told to get there as soon as I could, otherwise I was unlikely to get much choice. Well, thinking to myself 'How bad can it really be? I mean, if I get there at 11, that'll probably be fine, right?' I didn't call in sick, and instead did the responsible thing and came to work, asked my boss if I could take a slightly long lunch, and got to the store at 11.

And the woolpigs had beaten me there.

I'm calling them woolpigs only because I didn't make it there first, and only because even if I wanted to there was no way I could have afforded a stack of wool that is as high as I am. I am not even kidding. These women, clearly more organised (and feeling no guilt at having called in sick to work so they could arrive the second they could) than me, sat around chatting with their life-sized piled of wool. I saw the wool I wanted, and it was in their pile. I felt like going up to them and saying 'I just want to make a top. Just one. Really, you don't need that bit of blue, do you?'

Except that, and this is difficult for the non-knitter to grasp, yes, yes you do really need that blue yarn. And the pink, red, brown, green, black, varigated, and fluffy one that you have no idea what you'll make with it but you NEED THEM to the core of your being. When I told Matt that I was going to the sale, and maybe I should say that I had a doctor's appointment so I could get there earlier, he looked at me. Then looked at our bookshelf, which is starting to become slightly fuzzy from the wool. Then looked at me. Then looked at the 8 skeins of sock wool I'd bought myself as a birthday present to myself. Then looked at me. Clearing his throat, he hesitantly asked, "Um. Do you really think you need more wool?"

The answer is always yes.


Blogger SteakGirl said...

I used to embroider, and I would buy embroidery floss of every color known to man...because what would happen if I wanted to embroider at 3 a.m. and I didn't have floss DMC 3731!!? I never had to find out. So yes, you can never have too much yarn, and damn right you should have it in every color, especially blue.

3:21 AM  
Blogger Auglaise said...

Exactly! The more you have, the easier it is to make that felted chicken at 3 a.m. when you can't sleep! ^_^

11:06 AM  

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