Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I went paintballing - for the first proper time, when we all had guns and were dressed in proper boiler-suits and everything - this weekend. And it was a blast! One of the nicest surprises was that I was not the only person in possession of a rack there, and this is fairly huge because I'm usually the lone female drowning in the testosterone. We ran around outside in the rain, slipping in mud we couldn't see because of the "anti-fog" goggles that lied, tripping over branches as our geeky soft bodies got pelted with very hard small things coming at us very fast. I'm so going again.

However, Monday? Oh god, the pain. The guys I was getting a lift back to London with decided that although I was hurting 20% less than them (higher pain threshold) because I was a woman I got to complain. Whereas they, being all testosterone filled, had to sit there poking themselves in the spectacular bruises that were appearing while grinning like idiots and secretly whimpering. Ah, sometimes being a girly is a good thing.


Blogger xmalx said...

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Blogger xmalx said...

Buy some arnica for the bruising. it is well worth buying. Not that I know from experience of course, I never get smacked or hit with anything hard and pointy

10:19 AM  

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