Tuesday, July 17, 2007

24 hour party people (or maybe just 5)

Matt and I ended up at the O'Neill's in Leicester Square at 3am last Saturday after a crazy night of live music and too much dancing. I'd done my usualy Saturday dnd thang, and was invited by A to go out for drinks with him and his brother and his brother's friends. B, and D (ha! Now all I need is for a dnd friend who's name begins with a C, and I'll have the beginning of the alphabet!) came along as well, which made a fantastic evening. It was wonderful, especially as I hadn't been out dancing since visiting Seattle last September for my best friend's wedding.

However now? My calves hate me. They hate me so much, they've decided to stop working in protest and I'm hobbling around like an old woman. At least my neck recovered more quickly from the tiny bit of head(cough) banging that happened...



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