Friday, October 27, 2006

The leaves seen through my windowpane remind me that it's time to move my life again...

I don't really know why that quote popped into my head, but I think that it suits this picture. It was a song lyric that I used in calligraphy class in high school, and it's stuck with me ever since.

For those who are interested, my pictures from my trip home are now up on my Ringo page.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The work, my god, the WORK

So for the last several days I've been attempting to do two people's jobs at the same time. That's what happens when you're competent. They think that suddenly, you have the capability of a large bank of computers and six arms. And I have realized that, for not very much more money, I'm going to be doing a hell of alot more work in my new position. Then I realized that in the last three days, I've completely fallen behind on all my usual blogs, which made me panic because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE LIVES OF PEOPLE I DO NOT ACTUALLY KNOW!!!!

Everyone will be pleased to know that nothing bad has happened to those bloggers that I read in Japan, Seattle, Austin, New York, somewhere in the southern US, Salt Lake City, Oxford, Cardiff, Bellingham, San Diego, York, and south London.

All this is in aid of trying to say that the postings, which have recently become more sporadic than they used to be (after a friend said something along the lines of 'You're the only person I know that posts more than once every few weeks', and made me feel like a freak), will become either very very short or even more sporadic.

Ah, faithful readers, I beg of you, do not abandon me. Hold on to the hope that I will post regularly again! I know how much each and every one of you just hang on my every word...well, at least you do in my world. ^_^

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sometimes Mondays are not so bad

Because on some Mondays you come in and get promoted! So now, well, next week, actually, I'll probably have less time to actually blog about randomness but more money.'s difficult to say which is better. But I'm excited! It means that I'll be doing fairly interesting work most of the time, and learning to use some computer programmes that I've been interested in for a while. Yay this Monday!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Camera one, camera two, camera one....

For everyone's enjoyement, here are some pictures taken at an impromptu staff night-at-one-of-the-girl's-boyfriend's-pub-after-starting-drinking-at-work.

Isn't it fantastic that the background is just so in focus? ^_^

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Long Way Around (by the Dixie Chicks

Well, it's been a rather long time since the last posting, and most of that is due to my parent's computer being a slow ass piece of shit left over from the early '90s. I didn't realize that it was possible to make a high-speed broadband connection act like dial-up on Valium, but visiting them has proved me wrong. I'm going to borrow sometime from my friend Tsch, and tell you a little bit about the trip.

- Sweden's fault I was 3 hours late
- If you don't stop talking about God, I'm going to kill you.
- Ooo, musical planes
- Ruth! Ruthie Ruthie Ru Ru Ru!
- I haven't seen any of you in YEARS. Let's drink!
- I (Heart) Sushi, and more Ruth
- Hula hooping is sexy
- Why are you wearing white socks and Birkenstocks at a goth club??
- Missing the Matt
- Pacific Northwest Salmon is the best
- Crazy amounts of angst, what a surprise
- More Ruth!
- Green Apple death and backrubs
- Bucca di Beppo's is actually the Olive Garden
- Shopping and more Ruth!
- Ye Gods, I am hungover. Make the children stop screaming.
- I am so going to forget this tomorrow. Where do I stand?
- Awww...he sent me flowers. I miss him lots.
- Crying. All day.
- Ru looks stunning the the dress. I suppose Todd might be good enough. Maybe. On Tuesdays only.
- Wow, lots of people to dance with. Black Opals are evil!
- No Ruth for a week makes me unhappy
- I think I might die
- Indiana Jones kicks some ass!
- Back to Bellingham we go, and how did I forget how great this cd was?
- Picking music on a jukebox is fun. So is pool.
- Ha ha, you have class!
- I MUST BUY Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls.
- Some songs are happy, some songs are sad, some songs are like being kicked in the head by a horse
- More missing Matt.
- Great. Visit to the flyover State.
- Yes. It's only 3 hours from Chicago to Appleton at rush hour on a Friday.
- Chicken Boo-yah!
- 9 hours in 3 inch heels. More alcohol please.
- It is a film appropriate for Micheal and Racheal.
- My God, the Food!
- Lego Star Wars is my only escape.
- Wow. You seem to have suddenly become interesting, instead of boring.
- Just let me go home.
- Ruth! The Ruth is on fire!!
- More shopping!
- It happens every time. EVERY. TIME.
- He came to meet me at the airport!

So, essentially, that was my trip back to Seattle. I thought about drawing out the story of the trip and making it more interesting, and then I realized that I really couldn't be bothered to try to tell it all again. I might, at some point soon, connect those bits with pictures, but we'll see if I can force my lazy self to do anything!