Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer? Yes?

Dear London,

Hey, you know this lovely warm weather you’ve been having? Where there is the possibility of it being over 20’C for more than a day, and I can take my jumper off on the way to the station in the morning? I think that you’ve found a groove that could be fun for the summer, babe, and you should stick with it.

People are smiling, occasionally at each other, even, and someone even moved out of my way on the Tube this morning without me asking. I’ve been wearing my sunglasses (you know, the ones I bought in Brighton in the hope that I’d actually be able to use them) and frankly it’s been wonderful.

It’s just…well. Last year you did this for three weeks in April and then sort of…stopped. The rest of the summer wasn’t even summer – most people refer to it as the not-summer. I’ll be really disappointed if you pull this on me again, and honestly I’m not sure if our relationship can survive another disappointment of that magnitude. Especially as I don’t even get to have that little fling with Greece this year that we discussed. So keep things together, London. I don’t want to have to find another city to love!

Hopeful kisses,

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