Saturday, August 27, 2005

Muffins and Orange Juice

Moronic Customer: "Wow! Look at that soap! It looks like muffins."
Me: Glaring at horrible moronic customer, while outwardly smiling. "It is a muffin."
MC: Picks up muffin. Sniffs it. "Hey, look! It even smells exactally like a muffin!
Mmmmm, chocolate chips..."
Me: "No, it actually is a muffin. You can eat it. Have as many as you like."
MC: Blinks stupidly. "Oh." Sets muffin down and wanders off.

Later in the day...

Random Clueless Woman: "Look at this! It's so orange! I didn't think that they could make
a shower gel that colour!"
Me: "It's orange juice."
RCW: Sniffs pitcher. Lifts pitcher and lets ugly child smell it. "It smells exactly like
orange juice! I really don't know how those people do it!"
Me: "No, it is orange juice. You can have some, if you like. There are glasses right there."
RCW: "Oh. It's not shower gel?" Looks confused.
Me: Smile now stuck to my face while trying not to strangle RCW and her ugly child. "No,
it's not shower gel. It's orange juice."
RCW: "Oh." Turns to muffins. "These must be soap then!"

Repeat ad infinitum for 9 hours.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I've just looked out my window, and for the first time can actually see someone sat in front of a computer that looks like it's exactly the same as mine across the way. He's managed to not be seen for almost four months now, which is impressive when you think about it.

Anyways, this is something new.