Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Wednesday

Wednesdays are for random lists, so here’s another fun instalment.

1. In the last 10 days, I have bought seven bottles of wine. Off-license up the road that has the special on the Italian stuff for 2 for £5, I heart you!

2. Two of these seven bottles are left, but don’t let that fool you. Wine in my house does not belong to the person who bought it, you buy wine ‘for the house’. (The house is an alcoholic that might need a 12-step programme soon.) Total house wine consumption in the 10 days stands roughly at 14 bottles, and three out of four people were gone Friday and Saturday night.

3. I’m not knitting as much since I moved. Part of it is that when I drink, I don’t knit (drunken knitting is always a bad idea), part of it is that there isn’t enough light in the sitting room and people smoke in there, and part of it is that hey, when you actually want to talk to the people you live with, you get easily distracted.

4. I’m now walking almost four miles daily, to the tube station and back. It’s a lovely way to begin and end the day, especially if it’s nice out, but it took me this long to connect that I was tired with that I’m walking double what I used to. I can haz brane now, kai?

5. I am without internet at home, and this is driving me up the bloody wall.



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