Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer? Yes?

Dear London,

Hey, you know this lovely warm weather you’ve been having? Where there is the possibility of it being over 20’C for more than a day, and I can take my jumper off on the way to the station in the morning? I think that you’ve found a groove that could be fun for the summer, babe, and you should stick with it.

People are smiling, occasionally at each other, even, and someone even moved out of my way on the Tube this morning without me asking. I’ve been wearing my sunglasses (you know, the ones I bought in Brighton in the hope that I’d actually be able to use them) and frankly it’s been wonderful.

It’s just…well. Last year you did this for three weeks in April and then sort of…stopped. The rest of the summer wasn’t even summer – most people refer to it as the not-summer. I’ll be really disappointed if you pull this on me again, and honestly I’m not sure if our relationship can survive another disappointment of that magnitude. Especially as I don’t even get to have that little fling with Greece this year that we discussed. So keep things together, London. I don’t want to have to find another city to love!

Hopeful kisses,

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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Random Wednesday

Wednesdays are for random lists, so here’s another fun instalment.

1. In the last 10 days, I have bought seven bottles of wine. Off-license up the road that has the special on the Italian stuff for 2 for £5, I heart you!

2. Two of these seven bottles are left, but don’t let that fool you. Wine in my house does not belong to the person who bought it, you buy wine ‘for the house’. (The house is an alcoholic that might need a 12-step programme soon.) Total house wine consumption in the 10 days stands roughly at 14 bottles, and three out of four people were gone Friday and Saturday night.

3. I’m not knitting as much since I moved. Part of it is that when I drink, I don’t knit (drunken knitting is always a bad idea), part of it is that there isn’t enough light in the sitting room and people smoke in there, and part of it is that hey, when you actually want to talk to the people you live with, you get easily distracted.

4. I’m now walking almost four miles daily, to the tube station and back. It’s a lovely way to begin and end the day, especially if it’s nice out, but it took me this long to connect that I was tired with that I’m walking double what I used to. I can haz brane now, kai?

5. I am without internet at home, and this is driving me up the bloody wall.


Thursday, April 02, 2009


I recently moved house, both to in order to save money (I had ignored that what I was paying at my old flat was ludicrous for entirely too long) and because, frankly, my old flatmate, as lovely as she was, was sending me down the line of poking a pencil in my eye to escape.

So, a new place. I’m living with friends, which is great – it’s been a very long time since I actively looked forward to going home in addition to hoping that people would be there instead of out for the evening – but it’s also a very interesting situation as there are, essentially, four people currently living in a two-bedroom flat. (The story behind this is long and arduous, and not entirely bloggable.)

There are some things I’ve noticed though:

1. My roommate’s alarm clock goes off sometime after 6am and sometime before 6.15am. I’m not sure when, exactly, because the clock is running on time of its own imagining. The alarm clock has the intended effect…on me. Being terrified out of sleep by the radio coming on halfway through ACDC’s Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll) actually turns out to be a fantastic way to start your day. Although I could do with less terror. It’s also nice to have a radio station playing music I like, instead of music I want to throttle to make cease, playing in the morning. It has, however, had the effect of making songs stick in my head all day. All day.

2. I’ve never properly lived with people who smokes in their house. I’ve dated smokers, but they always smoked outside. I’ve been at parties where people smoked inside, and I used to go to nightclubs where the air was full of smoke. I even smoked for a while (although never in the house/flat/room I was living in).
I do not like it. I think that I can handle it for a while – hopefully it won’t be long until we move to a house like we’d planned, and at that point the smoking inside will cease. If we’re where we are for more than a month though, I’m going to have to say something. I am the minority, as out of the four of us I am the only one who doesn’t smoke, but don’t know how long I can live in perpetual smog. And smelling of said smog.

All together though, I’m much happier sleeping on an air mattress on the floor in a room I’m sharing with someone than I was before – which is always a good thing.

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