Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Long Way Around (by the Dixie Chicks

Well, it's been a rather long time since the last posting, and most of that is due to my parent's computer being a slow ass piece of shit left over from the early '90s. I didn't realize that it was possible to make a high-speed broadband connection act like dial-up on Valium, but visiting them has proved me wrong. I'm going to borrow sometime from my friend Tsch, and tell you a little bit about the trip.

- Sweden's fault I was 3 hours late
- If you don't stop talking about God, I'm going to kill you.
- Ooo, musical planes
- Ruth! Ruthie Ruthie Ru Ru Ru!
- I haven't seen any of you in YEARS. Let's drink!
- I (Heart) Sushi, and more Ruth
- Hula hooping is sexy
- Why are you wearing white socks and Birkenstocks at a goth club??
- Missing the Matt
- Pacific Northwest Salmon is the best
- Crazy amounts of angst, what a surprise
- More Ruth!
- Green Apple death and backrubs
- Bucca di Beppo's is actually the Olive Garden
- Shopping and more Ruth!
- Ye Gods, I am hungover. Make the children stop screaming.
- I am so going to forget this tomorrow. Where do I stand?
- Awww...he sent me flowers. I miss him lots.
- Crying. All day.
- Ru looks stunning the the dress. I suppose Todd might be good enough. Maybe. On Tuesdays only.
- Wow, lots of people to dance with. Black Opals are evil!
- No Ruth for a week makes me unhappy
- I think I might die
- Indiana Jones kicks some ass!
- Back to Bellingham we go, and how did I forget how great this cd was?
- Picking music on a jukebox is fun. So is pool.
- Ha ha, you have class!
- I MUST BUY Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls.
- Some songs are happy, some songs are sad, some songs are like being kicked in the head by a horse
- More missing Matt.
- Great. Visit to the flyover State.
- Yes. It's only 3 hours from Chicago to Appleton at rush hour on a Friday.
- Chicken Boo-yah!
- 9 hours in 3 inch heels. More alcohol please.
- It is a film appropriate for Micheal and Racheal.
- My God, the Food!
- Lego Star Wars is my only escape.
- Wow. You seem to have suddenly become interesting, instead of boring.
- Just let me go home.
- Ruth! The Ruth is on fire!!
- More shopping!
- It happens every time. EVERY. TIME.
- He came to meet me at the airport!

So, essentially, that was my trip back to Seattle. I thought about drawing out the story of the trip and making it more interesting, and then I realized that I really couldn't be bothered to try to tell it all again. I might, at some point soon, connect those bits with pictures, but we'll see if I can force my lazy self to do anything!


Blogger wickerbaskets said...

hey, sounds like you had a wicked time, it would be lovely to see some pictures!

6:18 PM  
Blogger RaggedyMelchior said...

Black Opals certainly are evil. Sad songs make me happy for some reason. And yes, you MUST buy Veronica Mars and Wonderfalls. Become the Universe's butt-puppet.
And I love my classes. Except this week.

9:44 AM  

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