Friday, July 27, 2007


I haven't yet managed to actually make anything more complex than a sock with the knitting (although, to be fair, socks are quite complicated. Lots of little fiddly bits.). I attempted Askew from Knitty, but that turned look! A big squirrel! Isn't it cute!

And there have been a few other things that I've liked the look of, but nothing really screamed YOU MUST KNIT ME NOW to me as I surfed the net or paged through IK. Yes, there were some thing that I thought, 'Hm. That's lovely. I'll have to knit that. At some unspecified point in time.' And then, oh and then. Then Knitty released their surprise patterns. And I've fallen in love. With this:

It's the Emerald Seas pattern by Hilary Engebretson, and I adore it. I adore it to little, bitty pieces, and want to immediately cast it on my needles and knit for a week straight and not go to work because I want it right now this second. However, I can't afford the yarn, especially with my plans for August - much travelling and dressing up like a ninja to hit my friends.

::sigh:: Life is just so hard sometimes. :P



Blogger Tsch said...

If you fancy it, you could make me a pair of hockey socks which are, I imagine, the easiest things in the world to make, they're just a woolen tube with an elasticated band at the bottom.

There you go, a commission.

5:44 PM  

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