Saturday, August 27, 2005

Muffins and Orange Juice

Moronic Customer: "Wow! Look at that soap! It looks like muffins."
Me: Glaring at horrible moronic customer, while outwardly smiling. "It is a muffin."
MC: Picks up muffin. Sniffs it. "Hey, look! It even smells exactally like a muffin!
Mmmmm, chocolate chips..."
Me: "No, it actually is a muffin. You can eat it. Have as many as you like."
MC: Blinks stupidly. "Oh." Sets muffin down and wanders off.

Later in the day...

Random Clueless Woman: "Look at this! It's so orange! I didn't think that they could make
a shower gel that colour!"
Me: "It's orange juice."
RCW: Sniffs pitcher. Lifts pitcher and lets ugly child smell it. "It smells exactly like
orange juice! I really don't know how those people do it!"
Me: "No, it is orange juice. You can have some, if you like. There are glasses right there."
RCW: "Oh. It's not shower gel?" Looks confused.
Me: Smile now stuck to my face while trying not to strangle RCW and her ugly child. "No,
it's not shower gel. It's orange juice."
RCW: "Oh." Turns to muffins. "These must be soap then!"

Repeat ad infinitum for 9 hours.


Blogger Paul said...

I'm bored at work and wish I was outside drinking Pimms. What's going on here, then?

2:54 PM  

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