Friday, February 01, 2008

The next station is!! Russell Square!!

Getting out of work yesterday after an almost entirely horrible day, I mentally prepared myself for the crazy that is the Tube during rush hour. Getting on at Holborn, my iPod was helpfully playing 'How Much Difference' by Pearl Jam. If you ever want to be so depressed by the time you get down the many escalators that you want to commit suicide on the tracks, listen to this song while being on the Tube after a crappy day.

I know it's because London is so large, and there are just so many people crammed into a tiny space (especially on public transport), but no one sees anyone else here. There's a particular etiquette in London that probably only exists in large cities. I can practially be kissing someone on the Tube, making Dirty Dancing look like a church picnic, and absolutely no eye contact will be made. An occasional mumbled 'Sorry' might spontaneously erupt from anyone in this situation (after all, they are British), but everyone just brushes it off. It's crazy.

The entire day was redeemed when, after cramming myself into the six inches of space free, I looked up at the scrolling sign that says what station is next. It was malfunctioning. It made me laugh, for some unknown reason. Yay, London.

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Blogger xmalx said...

I was on new oxford street last night and not in the best of moods and kept having those annoying people who try and hand you free papers every 20 yards, I was very tempted to accidentally knock over one persons pile of papers, who was getting in every bodies way. Fortunately the Dana event was fun and cheered me up. I even won a prize for my dancing ability :)

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