Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Canada...

For the last week or so (10 days, to be precise), I've been staying with M's cousins in Canada. Strangely, for someone that lived several hours south of the Canadian border for most of my early life, the entirety of my time in Canada before this consisted of jumping the border while at WWU for cheap all-you-can-eat pasta and legal drinking on Tuesday nights.

The following picture sums up most of the last 10 days:

Those are stairs. Covered by at least a foot, but probably more, of snow. It is cold. Very, very cold. M's cousin took us downtown (they apparently live in the sticks) last Friday, and it was so cold I actually had to buy long-johns to wear under my jeans because I could no longer feel the front of my legs. I could feel the back just fine, but not the front.

Canada is a peculiar mix of America and Britain, to me. Looking at the chocolate selection at cornershops, and they've got the Aeros, Cadbury, and other familiar brands. Stores carry digestive biscuits, and other really strange things are oddly British. The accent is close to America (although I can certainly hear a difference that I wouldn't have been able to five years ago), and much of the television is the same. The same ideas about driving (a must) and the space is familiar, in that no-one-walks-anywhere way.

It's enough that I think I could feel comfortable here, in a way that I don't in the States anymore and I'm not sure I do in England. I'm going to have to spend some more time in this country when it's not freezing cold and see if I think I could live here.


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