Monday, August 20, 2007

Some days just need to die

I have been at work for two hours and sixteen minutes. I hate my job. This is a new record.

I arrived this morning to an inbox full of emails that all told me the same thing - basically, I'd screwed something up slightly (and can I point out that when given 15 minutes to do something that I'm not used to doing in a way I don't really know how to do, something is likely to go wrong?) that was then FIXED by the person who is supposed to notice these things. And then I got sent about 50 emails telling me, over and over in different ways (because obviously I'm not clever enough to figure out what I did wrong from the first page-and-a-half long email) what I did. And how I'm supposed to do it. And what I did. And this? This is how I'm supposed to do it.

Perhaps, maybe, if I'd actually been TRAINED ON THE BLOODY SOFTWARE in the first place instead of being sent on a crash-course two-day pile of pointless nothing which I then didn't use for three months, I might have known what I was doing. I am finding it extremely difficult not to name names, and run screaming through the internet badmouthing people and things. I actually punched a wall today. I have never done that in my entire life. I think I'm going to look for something else.

ps. sorry about all the yelling. Things are not going well.



Blogger xmalx said...


5:28 AM  
Blogger .Wyle.E.Coyote. said...

Hey I punched a wall. I know how it feels.... Unfortunately, now I need to learn to do sheetrock to get it fixed.

Things'll be better tomorrow.

7:21 PM  
Blogger Rogue Scholar said...

Yeeeeeah... that TPS report could use a cover sheet.


4:33 PM  

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