Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A second waking up

Wake to screech of alarm in my ear. Manage get out of bed before current flatmate's alarm goes off (5 minutes before I need to leave). Huge improvement on yesterday. Shower, eyes closed against the spray. Drop contacts while trying to put them in. Can't find my book, flatmate re-arranged sitting room. Bastard. Stumble into kitchen, notice that it's not raining. Feel happy about this until looking in fridge. Cold pizza has been replaced by beer. Beer is not allowed for breakfast on workdays. Crap. Remember to put phone, knitting, and newly-charged iPod into bag before leaving flat. Leave flat. Drop newly-charged iPod down flight of concrete stairs. iPod is fine. Shuffle to bus stop, yawning. Miss first bus, but actually get seat on second next to girl that thinks seat next to her is for her paper, not me. Turn up rock music, glance sideways to see if she noticed. No. Bus barely manages to climb Crouch Hill. Hits the top and...

the most amazing morning light that has ever existed on the face of the planet fills the top of the bus. It's shooting out from the horizon, from under a mostly cloudy sky, bright orange and yellow and bright and pink, reflecting off buildings. Downtown London and Canary Wharf shine out of the light, hazy and distinct all at the same time. Blink, and feel like I've just woken up.


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