Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toe-may-toe and to-mah-toe

After five years of saving every single bit of paper with my or Matt's name on it that arrives in the post, I'm finally applying for my indefinite leave visa. What this means is that, basically, I pay the immigration people an extortionate amount of money (see 'Why I won't be in Seattle for Christmas', exhibit 1.) to look through about 40 pieces of paper with my address on it and go 'Heh. Look at that. She quit the gym 5 months after joining.' At then end of this, they hopefully tell me I'm allowed to stay here.

Part of this was taking the wholly and completely idiotic Life in the UK test. I had to buy a book (£10) and pay the fee (£35) in addition to the extortion of applying for the visa in the first place. All to answer such riveting questions as 'When you take your dog into a public place, must the dog be wearing a collar with an identification tag?' and 'Which two out of the four ministers, two of whom aren't even ministers, are in the government?'

Wow guys. I don't know how I could exist in British society without knowing the answers to these. I mean, obviously, living here and having gotten my degree from a UK university totally does not show my ability to use the English language. And I never would have known which ministers are in the Cabinet if I hadn't taken the test because it is clear that I a) do not speak English, b) cannot read a newspaper, and c) don't know what this 'tee-vee' is. My life is impossibly better knowing which saint's crosses make up the British flag (in case you care, the Welsh get stiffed again in this).

So. Go immigration! We love the Home Office! Now, as per usual, I'll wait three months for anything to happen even though it's supposed to take 3 weeks. ::sigh:: These Europeans.



Blogger xmalx said...

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5:21 PM  
Blogger xmalx said...

We still love you even even if you fail the test. Though I am pretty sure you will pass, I am sure you will probably get every question correct as well.

5:23 PM  
Blogger ecogrrl said...

lol...Ah, the Brits. CB has been waiting for his replacement bank card for (I kid you not) four months. They keep posting it to the wrong address and then having it out with him when he complains. I wonder if I'll be back there next year. If so, we should definitely meet up!

7:08 AM  

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