Monday, September 24, 2007

The never ending fountain of socks

Due to the deadly enabling efforts of Lime & Violet, earlier this year I finally couldn't resist any longer and subscribed to the Hill Country Yarns sock yarn club. This was back in that hazy time known as 'summer', that lasted for about five seconds this year in London before being eaten by clouds. Since those five seconds, I'd totally forgotten about signing up for the sock club.

Saturday, I dragged my very tired self out of bed. There's never any food in the flat by the weekend, so Matt and I usually head out for breakfast pretty early. Passing by the ledge our post gets shoved onto, I saw the package and grabbed it.

No package can possibly be bad.

Opening it, I discovered the most beautiful, squishy periwinkle-blue yarn. Which I then carried around with me, and squished every now and then through the entirity of breakfast. It completely made my Saturday, especially as from now through Christmas there's absolutely no way I can afford to buy any yarn for myself - it's all going to be for presents. I think I might have to remember this for next year - buy presents for yourself in June that get delivered between September and December. And anyway, I can always use more yarn.


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