Friday, August 31, 2007


My apologies for the last of posts for the previous week. I can only blame my inner geek, who took over and ran rampant over the last weekend.

You may have noticed a distict lack of knitting-related content over the last month or so, and there was a very good reason. I was sewing. I was in fact, sewing by hand, a hakama (samurai trousers) and a gi (samurai top). Now, why did I do this? Because I am a much bigger geek than any of you realized.

Last weekend, I went to this. And it was fantastic. I ran around in the woods, I hit people with fake swords, many people mistook me for a boy for one of the first times in my life (you really couldn't tell, especially when I had my helmet on. Layers of black leather and black linen? No way to tell what I was at all!), I got entirely too drunk on the evil that is mead and fell over, and generally had an absolutely fantastic time.

It did, however, take me until now to recover. I think I got abotu 10 hours of sleep the entire weekend, from Friday to Monday, and we drank entirely too much two out of the three nights. But oh, I'm going back. Now every time I stand up I automatically look around for all the things I need to take to the loo with me. know...someone might jump me and I'll need to defend myself. With my rubber sword.



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