Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little boxes of goodness

Recently, I've been making a really big effort to take my lunches to work with me. This might not be considered newsworthy or interesting to most people, but for me - someone who hates the idea of just having a sandwich for lunch with some crisps (chips, for those of you back home) - taking lunch to work is an effort. It means thinking about what I want to eat all week on my precious weekend time, shopping for said food, and usually then cooking something.

However, I've also started right in on a new obsession. Bento boxes. And me being myself, someone who adores Japanese food, I'm attempting to create them using mostly Japanese food. Probably not as the Japanese would actually cook them, but as Japanese as I can get from the various stores in my area. So this week I've been eating onigiri with furikake, miso soup, little sweet buns with aduki bean filling, strange Hello Kitty gum, and I even attempted a daikon pickle. And it's great! I'm loving trying to pack everything into a little box, and have it look nice.

I'm feeding my obsession with the help of here, here, and here. So now in addition to all the knitting things slowly taking over my lone bookshelf, bento-making supplies are slowly starting to creep into my kitchen. This flat might not be big enough for more than one hobby...



Blogger ecogrrl said...

Wow, you found Japanese food in the UK? This is something Cambridge lacked...

I may be coming back in a few months. Would love to pick your brain about finding work...any chance of an online chat?

6:07 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I absolutely ADORE bento boxes! I have been fixated on the communities for months. I combed Uwajimaya when I was in Seattle for cute boxes, but eventually decided that it was not to be in all its full glory because I can't get any decent Japanese supplies or food in Connecticut.

Woe :(

I shall live my bento fantasies through you.

4:31 PM  

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