Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Willoughby Street

We have a flat! Or rather, we found a flat to let! It's a rather good sized (well, compared to some of the other ones that we saw) studio, with a seperate kitchen, and best of all...a bit of outdoor patio type space that's big enough for a table and chairs and some plants in pots. We're hopefully moving in this weekend, which will involve packing all our stuff back into our travelling backpacks and taking the tube halfway across the city. Neither Matt nor I have very much stuff up here right now, since we've been living in someone-else's-room-in-Matt's-friend's-flat-while-the-
friend-of-Matt's-friend-is-touring-with-the-play-he-is-in. So there isn't really much to move except for clothes. And I might steal the PS2, since I'm in the middle of a game and I don't think I'm going to have time to finish it before we leave this weekend.

The best bit about the new place, besides the rarity of being able to afford a bit of space outdoors in our price range, is that it's literally opposite the British Museam. You can't see it from the flat, of course, because that would be astronomically expensive, but walk the 10 feet to the end of our street and there it is. We're right in the centre of London, 15 minutes walk from my work and 30 from Matt's, jumping distance to Soho and Leicester Square. It's fantastic! Roll on Friday...


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