Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I should have put deoderant on my balls.

It's so hot in London right now that the papers are running stories about how commuters on the tube are being transported at a temperature that would be considered inhumane for cattle. Cheery, neh?

I've also just watched a guy who's attending a seminar at my office wander around the lobby for several minutes with a bit of tissue looking for a bin. He finally wandered up to one of those ceramic containers that people put office plants in.

'Is this a bin?' he asked, peering into the ceramic container uncertainly.

'Um. No.' I replied as I attempted to erase from my computer desktop all evidence of the fact that all I do all day is read webcomics. 'But that behind me is,' I said, pointing to the giant red thing behind me with "Bin" practically written on the side.

'Ah! Great!' He throws the wadded up tissue in the bin. Grinning, he continues 'I just needed to dry my armpits off before they film me.' I blink uncertainly. 'I might even put on a tie.'


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