Saturday, July 01, 2006


Sometimes life seems little down in the gutter, and a bit crap and pointless, and then something wonderful happens. Like when you have three job interviews in a day, and even though you got lost on the way to the last one and ended up being an hour late... Every Single One Offered You A Job.

As those of you who have been subjected to my ceaseless whinging about being a call-centre monkey know, I abhor my current job. So, as Matt's pretty much moved up to London in the week for his job up there, I decided to apply for some things and see what happened. I was nervous, as all the things I was applying for were considerably better paid than what I'm currently earning, as well as being office-y positions - something that I don't really have much experience with. So I got a beautiful skirt, somehow convinced myself that I was supremely confident, and went off to my interviews and hoped no one would notice the slightly desperate look in my eye. One position was offered to me on the spot, accompanied by a "I've never actually said this before but..." A second one would have been stupid not to offer me a second interview, as the other person who interviewed with me didn't speak english enough to say more than 'Yes!' (I feel sorry for the guy, actually. He did look somewhat forlorn in his suit and tie afterward.) And the third one told me they might not be able to get back to me until the middle of next week, and then called me later that evening to tell me that they wanted me, and that they wanted to give me more money than they'd offered to begin with. So that's the one I took.

It helped that when I went for my interview, they made me laugh. I walked in to the office, after being stuck attempting to operate their elevator for about 10 minutes, and sat down to prepare to convince them that they Needed To Hire Me. These two lovely gentlemen came over, introduced themselves, and took me to the interview room. One went through the door first, as there were several doors and not much space. The second took a step towards the door, and then you could see on his face that his brain had gone 'Wait...she's got boobs. She's a she. She's supposed to go through the door first.' So he stepped back, blinked a few times, and said rather uncertainly "After you?" Absolutely priceless.

So one more week to go of monkey hell, and then I will be in the great city of Londinium, with a salary half as much again as my current one, Matt, and a hell of a lot of free stuff happening in the summer. What more could a girl ask for?


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