Friday, July 28, 2006

My pants are on fire!

We had a staff meeting today at work. It was the first one we've had since I started, and my manager promised "an exciting agenda including the next thrilling fire safety video!" (The manager is great - he cracks me up!). It was, as most of these corporate videos are, absolute rubbish and had been filmed in the 80's.

However, it did point out, once again, that the British are obsessed with fire. They've ruined beautiful old buildings and destroyed historical property by putting up 'Fire Door' signs. Every building has hundreds of fire extinguishers, all of them for different things. Because when I've just set my couch on fire, and I have to decide between saving my dog and my boyfriend before the house burns down around us, what I need to be doing is attempting to decipher the symbols to figure out which one will kill the fire and which one will simply make it explode. I think it comes from making your roof out of straw.

So we sat there and discussed whether or not we should have a signing in book for the staff (all 12 of us), and what we should do if someone is in the loo, and what we should do under different sets of circumstances. Finally, I zoned out enough that when someone asked me a question I responded with 'Yes?' and now I get to go on a training course to become a fire marshall for the office. Fun orange vests for me!


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