Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I feel so ashamed...

Ever since the first ever Big Brother type programme, I have turned my nose up at the pointlessness of watching a group of people sitting around a house talking. (Go out and talk to people yourself! It's much more exciting, and there might be beer involved!) I have sighed and gone back to reading my book when my co-workers discuss it obsessively over lunches, and generally had no idea who was in what house or what the hell Jodi did with Daniel last night, nor did I give a damn.


A few days ago, I had a choice between Big Brother and the football, so Big Brother stayed on. I wasn't really watching it, I was randomly surfing the net, but it was on nonetheless. Then, at the gym yesterday, I watched the entire programme they at about 9 am because it was either that or watch the guy from Ready, Steady, Cook! in a hospital with some guy getting his chest cut open, and 9 am is really too early for that kind of shit. And tonight they were going to be nominating for evictions. So I watched it. And now I MUST KNOW. It's sad, depressing, and I think the left side of my brain is trying to beat the right side of my brain up for giving in, but this is what six years of university level education has come down to. The desire to find out if Richard or Leah is going to get kicked out of the Big Brother house.


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