Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random Wednesday

1. There are men drilling up the pavement outside my office. They have been doing this for several weeks. I’m finally beginning to get a headache.

2. I am slowly becoming addicted to the spicy peas with peanuts from Tescos. However, both my boss and I agree that some weeks (sadly, we go through at least two bags of these a week if not more) the peas are spicier than others. We always agree when they are spicy or not as spicy on a given week and really can’t figure out why. Our current theory is different batches, but because it’s a mass produced product it should always taste the same.

3. I have become addicted to Stumble Upon, and have been ‘stumbling’ around for two days now. I am not yet bored of this.

4. I recently started a new pair of socks, the Hourglass socks in some absolutely gorgeous 50/50 silk/merino my sister got me from Lambspun of Colorado. It’s a lovely semi-solid pink, and I’m hoping that the socks are going to look very nice indeed in it. Actually, I know they are – I started them on 2.5mm circs, but then decided after about three inches that I really needed to go down a size as 70 stitches around is simply way too big for me on 2.5mm. I’m now using 2mm, and the needles feel positively tiny in my hands.

5. I recently did a ’25 Things about Yourself’ meme on Facebook, and now keep thinking of more things to add.

6. The net brings a whole new aspect to the relationships that you have with others. For instance, when you like someone you can now read all the back entries on their blog and look at their Flickr photostream to stave off the desire to call/text/email them. It’s a bit strange.

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