Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pumpkin soup for world travellers

If you ever (as I have this morning) find yourself awake at 3.44 am due to not being able to sleep after an international flight, I highly recommend the following:

1. Search desperately in your cupboards, trying to find something you can cook out of a truly bizarre combination of ingredient that will also not a) wake your flatmate, and b) require too much effort on your part. After all, it's 3.44 am.

2. Resign yourself to popcorn and likely waking your flatmate.

3. Notice that the tins of pumpkin you bought to make pumpkin pie last year, thinking that they were pumpkin pie mix, are actually just tinned pumpkin. Pause.

4. Realise you also have a tin of coconut milk. Become very excited. Begin searching frantically for the Bart's Red Thai Curry Paste you think you have. Find three jars of green curry paste, but no red. (Really? Why three? When was the last time you actually made Thai green curry?)

5. Finally find it, buried at the back of your deceptively empty refrigerator. Attempt to remember when you opened it. Decide it doesn't matter.

6. Combine the tinned pumpkin, remainder of the red curry paste, the coconut milk and a mug of vegetable stock on the stove, staring impatiently at it until it's actually hot enough to eat.

7. Eat in sitting room, while playing Viva Pinata on your 360 until your controller dies and you realise that you have no more batteries.

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Blogger xmalx said...

Now that looks like a lot of things to do in two minutes :P looking at the time you woke up and the time you posted.

I hope the journey back went well and that your sleep sorts itself out soon.

All the best xx

5:47 PM  

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