Monday, December 08, 2008

A breath

I went up north this weekend, to visit some friends.

Occasionally, it's really nice to get out of London and be reminded that my entire life doesn't revolve around five square miles. It can be really hard to remember that sometimes, especially as London really is the epicentre of Britain. It's where all the jobs are, it's were a huge amount of the culture is - it's the one place that tourists make sure not to miss.

I love the light in northern England in the winter. It slants so sharply across the landscape; it either blinds you entirely or you're walking outlined with your shadow stretched far in front of you. This weekend was beautiful. The weather's been bad lately, and it's been freezing and raining. Walking around, in a town where you can actually smell the difference in the air, just makes you pause for a moment. Look at the way the light hits a footbridge. Squint down at your feet, and see the way each tiny dip in the pavement and pebble casts its own shadow. Feel the warm air on your face as you open the door to a coffee shop with the most amazing smell that comes with it.

It was a very good weekend.

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Blogger Rogue Scholar said...

Beautiful photos and an equally beautiful description. We get so wrapped up in everyday life that we forget how gorgeous the everyday things can be if you just look at them differently.

1:42 PM  

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