Friday, February 06, 2009

Not a snow day

As I walked out my front door this morning, it was snowing. Hard. Really, properly snowing. As my bus inched down Crouch Hill towards Finsbury Park station, I contemplated - admittedly with a fair amount of excitement - that if the snow continued for more than an hour or so I'd really have to go home from work because who knew if my bus would continue to run.

Go home after an hour's work on a Friday. That would really have sucked.

Alas, it didn't happen. The snow turned to rain, then nothing, and then as I was making my way home from the office to snow once more.

So instead of having a day at home surfing the net, I spent a day at work surfing the net. Home is more comfortable, with better clothes and tea.


In honour of the seasonal insanity next weekend in the shapes of little red hearts, I present you with the following:

Nihilist Love Poem

You looked pleasing like girls often do,
Does it matter why I approached you?
It could have been the weather
or just the way I grew up.
But if our personalities can be tolerated
...And you're on the pill
We should both have sex
Before we both end up dead,
and regret not doing so.

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