Monday, July 28, 2008

A choice

This is disturbing. I’ve been trying to formulate my opinion of both candidates for this year’s presidential election, and by default (I simply can’t support any party that willingly and deliberately tried to get The Shrubbery elected as the leader of my country.) I’ll likely be voting Democrat. If only because I can’t agree with most of the Republican party’s ideas. Well. Probably all of them. But that is disturbing.

Why would we want someone as our leader that calls women names? Someone who is unable to see that abstinence-only policies simply spread disease and up the number of teen pregnancies? That’s consistently voted against policies that would improve health care for women? So, ladies, tell your friends about this. He’s clearly not talking about many of his policies so that women are confused on these issues. For the sake of our health and our family’s health, we need to know.



Blogger xmalx said...

Sorry which republican are you talking about? There are a lot who fit that description.

Desturbingly, I think that Barack Obama, has more chance of being voted leader of the world and known universe, than becoming president of America. I do hope I am wrong though.

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Blogger Tsch said...

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