Sunday, April 06, 2008

Snow day

This is what I saw out my kitchen window this morning, after being awoken by a text that read 'SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!! Go look out your window!'.

Can I just say that this view is normally much less white and snow covered? Very nice way to be woken up though, much nicer than irritatingly chipper bird. However, because the tree outside my bedroom window looked like this,

I am now concerned for irritating chipper bird's health. It does not snow this much in London, ever. Ever, ever. There was at least six inches piled up on the cars, and although it was melting on the streets it was still wonderful to see. I walked to Finsbury Park Station in the snow, and for the first time I can remember in London almost everyone I passed smiled at me and some of them even said hello. It might have been because it was still early enough on a Sunday that most people were still in bed, but it was such a lovely feeling to walk though streets that are usually full of people staring fixedly at the pavement and instead see some of the people I live beside.


It is April. Um...isn't it supposed to be spring? It was over 17' on Friday, warm enough that I thought about wearing a jumper instead of my winter coat out in the evening. I rather desperately need this country to have a summer this year after the abysmal lack of one last year, and this does not bode well people. It does not bode well at all.


Blogger xmalx said...

Early April has been nasty for a few years now. Though normally it is just cold and rainy. I think it was nasty because of it was Shrewsbury last weekend.

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The snow was very exciting, though less forgiving in Shrewsbury. It started snowing late in the evening, while most people were sat around the bonfire; very surreal. It reminded me of Montreal. By morning, the weather had done its best to transform my tent into an igloo. It was a fun weekend, but it's good to be back inside bricks and mortar again!


8:31 AM  

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