Friday, March 28, 2008


1. I was in France last week. I miss France. I promise you will get picture heavy posts shortly, and they will also be word-filled.

2. Amy Winehouse's cd, Back to Black, is seriously good. Seriously. Really. Good. I've been listening to it non-stop for the last week, especially the title track - Back to Black.

3. Thinking is bad for me. I end up taking 20km hikes without trying to. The worst bit of it is when you finally look up and try to figure out where you are, and then you realize how far you have to walk back.

4. I did not wake up slightly dehydrated/a bit hungover today. This is the first time in several months this has happened. I do not think my brain is enjoying the experience.

5. I have discovered Twitter. It's addictive. Now, I'm able to share my deep and soulful thoughts with the world. Such as "Hey. How did she look in the mirror this morning and think 'Yeah! This looks great!' before leaving the house?"

6. I'm going to the frozen north (Sheffield) this weekend. My brain will get to marinate in a bathtub full of gin. It's looking forward to it.


Fools Errand

Alone, like a feather in the air,
An occasional sadness the weather knows
Comes to earth as a bend in the road.

The winter is at its most instructive
As other sadnesses fall
Across the democracy of objects.

Those that aren't shy
Introduce themselves—
Fool's Errand, Clowns of Anguish—

The Equitation of Beautiful Young Girls
Is an exemplary sadness,
As is The Whale's Parasol.

I want to part company
With linear extent,
Congenital heartbreak,

Where the raven goes and snow comes from.
I want distance washed clean,
Unencumbered by facts;

The red cactus flower
To slip into my shirt at dusk
And be the heart's boat.

I want Clowns of Anguish to raise the sail,
And a white handkerchief
Waving from shore.

- James Galvin

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's one of the most beautiful and magical poems I think I've ever read. I'm not sure why, but I wouldn't have guessed it was written by a man. Hmm...


11:41 AM  

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