Sunday, April 15, 2007

The sickness, it does not end!

This year doesn't seem to be my best for being a healthy, fit person. First I get the weird alien that sucks all my energy, then I get a strange mystery illness that knocks me out for a week, then the alien is removed but I'm recovering, and then (the very best after throat surgery) I get the stomach flu. With all the wonderful losing-of-innards that it entails.

But now! I am, dare I say it, healthy. The alien is gone, the stomach flu has been beaten off, and I got to wear my Birkenstocks outside today because it was so warm girls were wearing bikinis in the park at Russell Square. Summer may have hit early this year. Staring up at my patch of sky visible above the surrounding buildings, I'm happy.

My, very small, patch of sky. See that sunshine!


Blogger Tsch said...

When I next come down to London, I want to pitch my tent in your little outdoor bit. Just weighing the guide ropes down with sand or water, it's beats having me snoring in the kitchenette.

10:47 AM  

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