Monday, March 19, 2007

Way to freak the new girl out

How to freak out the new girl when playing dnd:

A: 'She is wise, and beautiful, and wise. And beautiful.'

Me: 'Um. Okay. He has an illness. I'm sorry about him.'

A: 'Speak more! Your dulcet tones wash over us!' (stares vacantly into my eyes)

DM (grinning like an idiot): 'We have a very good treatment. Hit in head with rock. Here is rock. You can go in tent, if you want.'

Me: 'Yes!' (slightly frantic) 'That sounds good! Kain! Come with me!'

A: 'Oh, touch me again, Iara!'

Me: 'I'm gonna touch you with this rock! Shut up!'


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