Sunday, May 21, 2006

Plants, plants, plants, and dirt

I've gotten an allotment! I was jumping around the flat yesterday after getting a message on my phone from the local allotment chairman about a plot that was vacent. The lovely gentleman, Cyril, came over and gave M and I a life about 5 minutes up the road to show us the allotment that was available - numbered 42, strangely enough!

So this morning, despite the pouring down rain and winds that blew the rain horizontally to the ground, I dug out the REI jacket I haven't worn in about 6 years, found a pair of gloves hidden in the attic, and headed up the road to rip weeds out of the ground.

In two and a half hours, I managed to get about 1/3 of the plot mostly weed free. I discovered a potato (much to my surprise), I now know which weeds I like (ones with very shallow roots that come out all together) and which ones I hate (bloody dandelions). I am a bit worried though, as we're essentially at the end of the planting season and I have weekend to get the plot clear, dug, and everything in the ground. But hey, nothing like weeding all next weekend to put a spring in my step, eh? ^_^


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