Sunday, December 04, 2005

Perhaps there is something to this karma thing after all...

In a wonderful bit of news, the shopping complex where I whore my retail-ass to The Major Clothing Company has been shut down. This cracks me up. It's bad because now they're farming us out to other stores, such as Southampton - 40 minutes (at least, and only when there are not leaves on the track) away. But it's good because on Thursday, and today, I basically got my wage to sit at home reading Robert Jordan books and playing Civ. One fantastic thing about British labour laws, besides getting holiday-pay, is that because it's not my fault the company has to pay me my contracted hours. It does mean that the interview I have for a much better job on Wednesday has taken on more importance, since I'm not contracted for the forty hours a week I've been working, but hey, sitting at home whilst reading and getting paid for it is a dream come true.

T. came to visit this weekend, and that rocked. If there was one person that I could have taken with me when I left Cardiff, he's it and it was really great to see him again. There aren't many people that I can talk to without feeling like I'm desperately trying to make conversation, but he's one of them. Here's a lovely picture of T. and M. at the beach on a stormy day. M.'s the one pretending that he's Eeyore, and that it's only raining on him!


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