Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I've tried to write something interesting and funny four times now, and can't think of anything to say. Ani DiFranco has this wonderful lyric in one of her songs which goes along the lines of "Somebody's gotta be interested in how I feel, just because I'm here and I'm real." Sometimes life feels very much like that, like just because I'm around someone should give a damn.

A friend of mine, whom I haven't spoken to in awhile, asked how I was the other day online. How am I supposed to answer that? I'm as good as I can be whilst working in my version of hell and using all my self control not to scream at the bitchy women who are allowed to be rude to me but to whom I have to be excruciatingly polite. I'm happy except that I can't pay my bills, and all I think about is if I can find another job that pays me more and how much I'll hate whatever I do find. I'm good except that I feel like most of the last three years has been a total waste. I'm doing okay, but everything is going wrong.

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