Sunday, November 06, 2005

My residency visa came! They're not kicking me out! This is very exciting as it has taken them since early August to decide if I'm allowed to stay over here or not. I finally got my passport back, just in time to save me from being fired at my job in retail land. The passport has a massive sticker with a picture of me looking like an idiot. Being typical governmental employees, they've stuck the sticker on the page after the logical page to place it on. Go Home Office!

I've noticed as I get sucked back into the pettiness of working in retail, my anal retentive side is once again coming to light. I was forced to man a certain section of the store on Saturday that is one of the two Absolutely Most Boring Places in the Store to Work Ever. Whilst trying to make the nine and a half hour shift go by faster, I folded things. I folded them so perfectly, and sized them, and put little size stickers on them, and made sure all the colours were together. If the distict manager had walked in he would have approached me on his knees, worshipping my miracle of folding and my stickering ability. Moments later, someone came along and reached for an item in the middle of a stack, yanked it out, and spilt the rest of the pile on the floor. Glancing at me, she grabbed the pile and shoved it back on the shelf, scarring my stunning display of fabric. My brain screeched "MotherfuckerhowdareyoufuckIjustspent40
minutesdoingthatAAAGGHHH!!!!" and my mouth said "Are you finding the size you're looking for okay?"


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