Thursday, November 27, 2008

This week that I am having

Well, I have to say.

When the universe wants to screw with you, it certain excels at making everything happen at the same time.

After my fun-filled journey home on Tuesday, King's Cross Station was helpfully closed again yesterday night. Apparently, I am not allowed to get home before approximately 19.30. This is enjoyable for me, especially on days like today when my boss called in sick and I'm on deadline. Meaning that there are four different people who think that I should be concentration exclusively on their publication.

The lowest point of the day was when I was standing in front of the photocopier, after having pressed the 'print' button for the fifth time, and a small voice at the back of my head started screaming 'I will CUT you!' I thought that it might be an idea to go home and just start drinking.

So, on the Thursday of this week I am having, that is what I have done. Assisted by the purchase (by someone else, because as per usual I have approximately 23p to my name until payday) of pizza and an excellent bottle of Beaujolie, I am well and truly on my way to starting the weekend.

Thank god.

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