Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dirty, dirty knots

I've recently been knitting some manly-type socks out of my single manly-type colourway (navy blue, with very small and subtle flecks of other colours). I'm using Trekking (XXL) for the first time, and all the way through the first sock I was very impressed. The yarn is not splitty, it doesn't get caught on my very pointy needles (KnitPicks circulars), it runs perfectly through my fingers onto my needles - I was happy. I was thinking that I'd definitely be buying it again, especially as I like using superwash wool for socks I'm making as gifts. After all, I know that I'll hand wash anything I make for myself (I think my flatmate is getting used to seeing wooly goodness dry in our bathroom) but other people tend to just throw things in the washer.

So. Happily knitting along, and finish sock one. I start sock two, and after no more than five rows (and possibly less) there is a knot. Oh well, one knot in a skein, that's no problem. Bad placement, really, five rows in, but I'm in a waste-not-want-not kind of place and so I do the starting-new-ball jig and continue on. Then, horror of horrors. There is a second knot. And this time, it's not in the best place ever. It's just as I'm about to start turning the heel. I've done the starting-new-ball jig again, but with the starting position where it is I'm a bit worried about how the join is going to wear.

To be honest, I'm a bit irritated now. The yarn is lovely, it is a squishy as ever, but two knots in a skein? I know I haven't been knitting for decades, but I've never had two knots in a skein before. It just seems...well. Like I've gotten the end bits of something. Like my skein is the pieced together remnants of several other skeins that they just didn't want to throw away. It's not horrible, just irritating. And means more weaving in at the end, which is my least favourite part.

I think we should start a coalition for no-knots.



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