Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

Thank you, whatever Powers That Be.

I am more relieved than I ever expected to be. I saw this morning's headlines, fully expecting another massive fuck up by the American public or more illegal doings by the Bush Administration to force things their way again, and instead I almost cried.

There is hope again. There is something to look at and think, 'Hey, maybe we can change things around and make good decisions.' I'm worried, however, that the Democrats are going to royally screw up their chance to make things get better with petty infighting and policies that, instead of acting for America and the world as a whole, are simply to fuel their agenda.

Please, please, please, try to keep America on your side for the next two years, Democrats. We cannot afford another President like Bush, who makes the entire world despise our country, culture, and people. We already have a problem because of what he has done, and we don't need to make it any worse.

But at least I have hope again, and that means more than I can say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you love how all of us say the same thing? "YAHOO!!! Now *please* don't be as stupid as we think you might be."

I've been very disheartened this past year by what I hear over here -- on some things, they're right to criticize us. On others, I just can't convince anyone that what Bush wants and what most of us want are two different things. Maybe, just maybe we can start undoing some of the damage.

11:15 AM  

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