Monday, November 06, 2006

Ikea is evil, and we must stop their plans for world domination

So, 6 days into my plan to post every day I've missed 3 of them. Part of that is not entirely my fault, as the evilness of our internet connection not being so, well, connected, plunges us into darkness for the weekend. So instead of trying to post every day in November, perhaps I'll just try to post every weekday.

The weekend was filled with work, and going to Ikea. Every time I go to Ikea, I walk away with a headache, hating small children more than I already do and wanting to kill the little man drawn on all their instruction books. And every time, after two or three weeks, I completely forget that I hate Ikea.

Matt and I went to buy a desk for the beautiful new Mac, and a sofa bed, so that we could watch films in comfort instead of both elbowing for space on our bed. It took us three and a half hours to find a desk and sofa bed. We'd decided to go with a desk that we thought would be big, but not too big, for the space we had in mind for it, and the sofa bed that would take up more space but seemed more sturdy. We would, after all, be sleeping on it every night. So, we (read 'we' to be 'Matt') agonized over the exact ones to get, until we went to find the Home Delivery people. Because although I am not smart enough to avoid lugging a Mac Pro tower from Oxford Circus past Tottenham Court road, I am smart enough to realize that I cannot take a bed on the Tube. We thought they could deliver everything next Saturday, after we contacted our landlord to get them to take the current bed and desk out of the flat so we would have some room.

However. Our options for delivery were £40 to have it be delivered by 8pm yesterday evening, or £45 for delivery Right Now. And they would take us home too. So, being the highly intelligent people we are, we went with Right Now.

Everything about Ikea is complicated. Getting your stuff delivered in complicated because it has to be done Right Now (or by 8pm), and then putting the crap that you've bought is complicated because your only tools are little bits of metal that make no sense. I hate Ikea. They are evil. They are trying to take over the world.

Hopefully, I'll remember this in two weeks time.


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