Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska

No matter how green and treehugger-y I like to think I am, I am totally and completely addicted to technology. I thought mobiles were for business people and those with too much money before I moved over here; Now, I couldn't live without mine. It's my alarm clock, my telephone book, it even occasionally reminds me of people's birthdays. It's the same with computers - I really enjoy getting in to a new game and playing for hours with manic breaks to shove something that I'll probably end up burning in the oven. I rabidly check my email and my favorite blogs, and if I don't check my email at least once a day I haven't been at home except to sleep.

Recently, I've come across someone so anti-modern-technology that I have no idea how to react to them. They can barely manage to turn on their computer, much less check their email without help. And they don't have a mobile. And this drives me f*cking insane.

There is something that is very good about being able to call someone when they're supposed to be picking you up, and it's a Saturday, and you could get off of work an hour earlier. But instead, you end up sitting around alone at your desk because there's no way to get ahold of them. Or they have no idea what time that they're going to be able to meet you, and say things like "Well, I can probably get to the train station between 8 and 9, so if you could just wait there..." And when asked why they don't take the perfectly good phone that's gathering dust shoved in a corner with them, just for the day, they say "Well, I really don't want a phone."

It's not so much that I love making sure that I constantly have my phone with me, and that the ring volume is appropriate to the situation - it's that if I'm going to be late or early or somewhere else and I want someone to meet me, in this world you call them. On their mobile. I can see his point of view. Honestly. But when it comes to complicated arrangements where no one knows what time things are happenning or people are meeting or anything besides 'I will be HERE at THIS time', I think that we're lucky that we can call eachother and sort it out.

The conclusion to this rant? Get a f*cking phone.


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