Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bingle Jells

Today we had our Office Christmas Do. This kind of thing is, I think, unique to Britain (although since I have never lived anywhere else but the two countries, it may be more widespread), and usually involves getting as pissed as possible and photocopying body parts.

However, due to the rather wide spread of ages in quite a small office, one of the lovely ladies took the time and effort to organise lunch at a pub on Fleet Street (Ye Olde Cock Tavern). We all trooped down there in a rather stragly order, sat down at the table and got our drinks. The pub had recently both a) been taken over my new management, and b) lost its manager, so lunch didn't go as planned. The starters were different than the menu said they should be, things were late, forgotten, or missing something. But all in all, it was a lovely time with people from work. We laughed, we pulled Christmas Crackers (also unique to Britain), wore silly hats, and most of us had a good time.

However, two people complained. For the 3 hours that we were there. Their food wasn't what it should be, it didn't taste right, it was an awful meal, they couldn't believe that things had been forgotten. By the time we went back to the office, the woman who'd organised the Do was almost in tears. I made a point of going into her office and telling her what a nice time I'd had, and I told some of the other people in the office who have now done the same thing.

It just really irritates me when people are so oblivious to someone else's feelings. It might not have been the best food in the world, but it was cooked properly and wasn't burnt. It might not have been the best pub in the world, but for the price (starter, main, pudding, coffee and mince pie) I certainly wasn't expecting anything better.

And even though she won't read this, I'm saying thank you. I know how much effort you put into organising everything, and I think it was lovely of you.


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