Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Canterbury Tales

I'm finally managing, on Wednesday, to do a post about going away for last weekend. I am very much feeling like one of my favorite quotes: "I try to take one day at a time, but lately several days have attacked me at once." Perhaps if I just took to carrying a sword around with me, people would be less likely to give me things to do.

Canterbury was wonderful, and so was seeing Ginie and Rojer. They made Matt and I a wonderful 3 course meal the night we went down. We had some great wine that I'd brought as a gift, and played a fantastic game called Apples to Apples (which I first experienced when I went home in September) which was the cause of much merriment. And much making fun of the Irish.
Saturday we went into Canterbury, and I got to indulge my obsession for old religious building by dragging everyone around the Cathedral. To the left is a picture of Matt and I in front of the cathedral gates. Ginie and I windowshopped for clothes, and the boys followed us around for a while. We met up with Peter, his sister, and Lukas for dinner at Canterbury Uni and went out for drinks which was great. I've really missed everyone, and seeing them was wonderful!

Sunday we just bummed around, went to the biggest Tesco's ever (EVIL!), and then went home.

All pictures from the weekend can be found on my Ringo page, but here are a few of the ones I like best.

I have a Ginie!

The Cathedral, through the Cathedral Gates

Canterbury Cathedral


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