Friday, September 02, 2005

After entirely too much effort on probably both sides, I've finally gotten the clothes that I didn't order from howies ( The reason that they're the ones that I didn't order is that, originally, I ordered a pair of jeans for me and a pair of cords for M. Now, a month and a half later, I have two tank-tops, a lovely shirt, and a really nice pair of khakis but no jeans or cords.

They do however, kick ass. howies (all lower case) is one of the first companies that I've been able to find that do organic jeans, not to mention shirts, coats, jumpers, and such. They're also one of the very few companies that look like the clothes are designed for people who aren't still living in the 70's. They list their ideas under the Ideas section of their site, and they're definately worth checking out. They're also really helpful, as the time that it took for my clothes to get to me is more my fault than theirs. from a company that's trying to make a difference instead of the high street retailers. At least that way you don't look exactally like everyone else.


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